The Children's Aid Society of the Districts of Sudbury and Manitoulin

What We Do

The Society recognizes the diversity of the community it serves and is committed to resolving, where possible, any barriers that limit impede or frustrate any person’s ability to access or participate effectively in its services and processes, especially when these barriers relate to an equality rights status, such as disability, age, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

Our Mandate

Children’s Aid Societies are legislated under the Child, Youth and Family Services Act (CYFSA), R.S.O, 2017, Chapter C. 17

They are independently governed, not for profit, provincially funded organizations that are responsible for providing mandated protection services to children, youth and families.

This mandate, as described in Section 125 of the CYFSA, includes the following functions:

  • Investigate allegations or evidence that children who are under the age of sixteen years or are in the Society’s care or under its supervision may be in need of protection
  • Protect where necessary children who are under the age of sixteen years or are in the Society’s care or under its supervision
  • Provide guidance counselling and other services to families for protecting children or for the prevention of circumstances requiring the protection of children
  • Provide care for children assigned or committed to its care under this Act
  • Supervise children assigned to its supervision under this Act
  • Place children for adoption under Part VII of this Act and
  • Perform any other duties given to it by this or any other Act

Children’s Aid Societies in the province of Ontario are accountable to the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

The legislation and the supporting regulations, Ministry directives and provincial standards prescribe specific and detailed requirements for what and how these services must be provided. These include specific direction regarding services to Indigenous children and families and French language services.

Children’s Aid Societies provide critical and essential services for the most vulnerable members of our society: infants, children and youth who are at risk of or are experiencing physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse neglect or abandonment.

The majority of children and families involved with a Children’s Aid Societies receive services that protect and support children while they remain with their families in the community. This family based support takes the form of intensive assessments and service plans, contacts with numerous other professionals and service providers as well as ongoing supervision of the child while he/she remains in the family home.

While only designated Child Welfare agencies have the mandate specific to child protection, ensuring the safety and protection of children and youth requires a community approach that recognizes the need to work in partnership with all members of the community and service providers in supporting families and meeting children and youth’s rights to safety and well-being.