Children's Aid Society Services: Family Support, Adoption, Childcare, Child Protection, Family Services, Foster Care and Residential, Child Welfare

Adoption Services

Adoption services refers to the placement of children in adoptive homes and includes the recruitment and training of adoptive parents, home studies, assessment of children for adoption, adoption information disclosure, counselling, worker participation in the adoption hearing, counselling for birth parents, and the provision of support to adoptive parents once the child is placed in their home.

Permanency Planning Options
First and foremost, children need caregivers to whom they can attach in a loving, safe, permanent relationship. The goal for every child in care is a permanent, loving, and safe home, and it is the responsibility of the child welfare system to make every attempt to provide the opportunity for a child to belong to a committed, safe, nurturing family. The three critical elements to achieving permanence for a child are safety, stability and attachment. All three elements are essential for normal and healthy child development. Children in care can experience multiple placements. If we decrease the number of placements a child experiences, we can help ensure the emotional stability of the child.