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Foster Care and Residential Services

Foster care is looking after a child in your home on a temporary basis. Foster children stay in a foster home for days, weeks, months and sometimes longer. While there are many reasons why children and youth may need to come into the care of the Society, many have experienced neglect, various forms of abuse, or parental issues such as substance abuse, domestic violence or mental health issues. Because of these life experiences, some children and youth have emotional or behavioural challenges.

We are currently looking for foster families for infants, toddlers, teens, children with special needs and sibling groups.

Kinship Service and Kinship Care
The goal of the Children’s Aid Society of the Districts of Sudbury and Manitoulin is to work with the child’s immediate and extended family and the community to establish a permanent home for a child in care. In some cases, placement with family or kin is the best option to ensure the child is in a safe and nurturing home. There are two options for care with respect to placement with kin: Kinship Service (Out of Care) and Kinship Care (In care). In both cases, prospective family or community caregivers are thoroughly assessed, through the completion of criminal and agency background checks, personal interviews, and an assessment of the home and family. Kinship care families are further assessed and prepared for their responsibility in caring for a child who is in the care of a child welfare agency through the use of a homestudy assessment tool (SAFE) and participation in a preparation program (PRIDE).