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Protection Intake Services

Adult conflict can involve any adults or combination of adults within the home. Violence in the family has a severe emotional impact on children and is a form of emotional maltreatment. Family violence is predominantly a physical act; children can be directly and indirectly at risk of physical harm. (37, 2, a, b, f, g, CFSA as amended).

All referrals to a CAS are screened for domestic violence. The role of CAS is to intervene where adult behaviour or victimization has a direct or observable impact on a child’s safety and well being, where the child has either been harmed or is at risk of being abused physically, sexually, emotionally or neglected because of domestic violence. This conflict can be between parents, grandparents or anyone acting as caregivers to the child(ren).

In cases of uncertainty as to the appropriateness of a referral, you have the option of speaking first with an Intake Screener or child protection worker at the Children’s Aid Society. The identifying information however must be given to the worker forthwith if the child protection worker advises that the incident is reportable under the legislation.