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Family Support Program

The Family Support Program will include concepts of supporting meaningful lasting family relationships, admission prevention and family reunification within a continuum of services that are both child centered and family focused. The parents and children will be involved in the family plan throughout their involvement with the program. The model of the Family Support Program is a continuum of services provided by a Family Support Worker.

Philosophy of the Family Support Program
1. To promote the best interests, protection, and well-being of children and youth.
2. To offer assistance and promote positive relationships between children, youth and their family.
3. To offer specific techniques and strategies for appropriate child management
4. To offer access to other resources and services in the community

The family support program offers two types of services to families;

In-Home Support
The In-Home Support Program is intended to provide assistance and support to caregivers and families in order to increase family functioning, admission prevention and facilitate positive and sustainable family reunification on a voluntary basis. The Family Support worker collaborates with families and the Child Protection Worker to build on existing family strengths and to develop skills and strategies to improve family functioning in their home. A family plan is established with the family and reviewed regularly to determine the strengths and needs of the family.

Family Engagement
Family Engagement is an intervention for parents who their children have been placed in an alternate home. The assessment is developed through direct observation and communication with the parents, with clear expectations and debriefing with the parents, children and providers. The Family Support worker respects the court ordered access provisions set out in the CYFSA proceedings.

With the assistance of a Family Support Worker, scheduled visits will be determined on a calendar. A written family plan is implemented with parents to determine objectives, goals and tasks. The family plan will be reflective of the safety of the children; whether visits are partially or fully supported in the Parenting Centre, home and/or the community. The family plan is reviewed regularly to determine the strengths and needs of the family and to provide a transparent assessment of the visits.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about our Family Support Program, please contact the Family Support Program, at 705-566-3113, extension 6500.